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Counterfeit $100 Bill

Jan 29, 2016

Originally posted on Facebook

I want to let you know that we were the victim of a counterfeit $100 bill today. At the time of the transaction my Radar went off but I could not figure out exactly why. The rest is now history and we are out $100. Good news is we have high quality video of the entire event and contacted the authorities. Hopefully we can use the video to catch the perpetrator. Once I am able to pull down a picture of the perp I will post. Maybe one of you guys knows who this is. I will update you when more info is available.Thank you for your continued support. We cannot be here with out you. We love our customers.

February 4, 2016

Originally posted on Facebook

Here is an update to the counterfeit situation we faced last week.

The Smyrna police department just came by to tell us the she is in custody in Maryland :))). However the officer also said that there are 2 males involved as well. The bad news is they do not have any pictures of these folks.

The officer also told us this was part of large counterfeit ring that has gone from New York to Georgia passing fake money.

Thanks to all for your support and shares of the post that was put out seeking assistance from you. That post was shared by over 460 people and as a result reached 30,000 people.

The power of social media was demonstrated with that post.

We are grateful for all of your support and help in attempting to solve this case.

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