Personal space vessels come in six fragrances complete with the stand.

Habersham Sage:
Signature scent - White sage and purple basil blend with aromas of rosemary and thyme.

ozone, sea salt and water musk blend with a touch of lavender and orange flower

Lavender Chamomile:
Calming infusion of french lavender and sweet chamomile blend with a touch of citrus and clove.

Sunflower Lemon Vanilla:
Sun warmed lemon slices blend with a soft touch of creamy vanilla.

Lilac Blossom:
Heady lilac blossoms blend with a touch of spice and leafy green note

Way Down South:
(Clean Cotton) Freshness of cotton dried on a sun drenched line blends with a note of leafy green

Cranberry Spice:
Fruity ripe cranberries blend with spicy cinnamon and cloves

Juniper, pine, balsam and fir softened with a touch of cedar wood.

Flame-Less Candle Personal Space Vessels

  • Designed to release the fragrance of a candle without the concern for an open flame. Just the right amount of fragrance for smaller spaces. Powder room, Desk, or Bedside.Personal space vessels come in six fragrances.